Laundry Room Collections

Laundry Room Payment Collections


You can trust WASH with laundry room collections. With WASH managing your laundry room collections, you can rest assured that every cent is accounted for. We have gone to extensive lengths to develop and establish a “chain of custody” that safeguards every coin from the time one is inserted into one of our washers or dryers until the time you deposit your commission check in the bank.


As standard practice with each commission check you’ll receive our exclusive WASH Accountability Statement and History (W.A.S.H.) Report, which details your laundry room activity and revenue. You can also trust WASH for added laundry room security. Our commercial laundry equipment and systems use many proprietary security features including machine locks, tamper-resistant gates, vault sleeves, as well as other unique components to deter laundry room and laundry equipment break-ins.


If you’re looking to remove cash from your laundry room, WASH also offers mobile pay and card system options for hassle-free and secure laundry payment.