Laundry Room Payment Systems

WASH offers customers a variety of options for coinless and cashless laundry room payment systems. As a laundry room technology leader, WASH’s newest laundry room payment system addition is a wireless payment technology allowing residents to simply swipe a debit or credit card to pay at the washing machine or dryer.


WASH also offers a dedicated laundry payment card option. With a laundry payment card, residents can use an Add-Value Station right in the laundry room, or go online to add more value to their laundry payment card using their credit card or bank ATM debit card.


With value-added convenience and security, WASH’s laundry payment card systems offer significant benefits over traditional coin-operated washers and dryers. A laundry card payment card system provides residents with a modern, coinless and cashless laundry facility as a first-class amenity. The card system also means you can limit the use of the laundry room to your residents and remove cash handling from the property.


For colleges and universities that already use a campus-wide card payment system, WASH’s laundry payment will likely integrate seamlessly with your current system.