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One Easy Step to Avoiding Negative Online Reviews

It’s now common practice to check online reviews of restaurants, hotels or movies before making a purchasing decision, but did you know a growing number of people are checking online ratings and reviews when searching for an apartment? According to a recent report published by J Turner Research, over half of survey respondents – and more than 80 percent of students – said they check online ratings on sites such as apartmentratings.com, Yelp and Google when they start their apartment search. And not only are customers reading reviews, they’re believing them; according to a survey by BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.


As people are making purchasing (or renting) decisions based on what they read online, it’s more important than ever for apartment owners and property managers to focus on their online reputation. By providing good customer service and high-quality amenities, you’re likely to avoid negative reviews online – which can not only be frustrating to deal with, but have a real impact on your business.


Focus on Laundry

One topic that frequently inspires online reviews of apartments is the laundry room. As a chore that takes up much of people’s time, effort and resources, a properly maintained laundry room is crucial for resident satisfaction. The easiest way to keep your laundry room in top condition is to have it professionally managed. When you contract with WASH, we offer the convenience and peace of mind of having laundry services completely taken care of, ensuring your laundry room is in top condition – keeping your residents happy and reducing the chances of seeing those negative reviews online.


As a WASH customer, if you ever have a problem with a machine we can typically have a trained service technician out within 12 business hours or less. To make it easy, you can submit a service request by phone, online or by using our app – ensuring your laundry room is always in top shape. Keep your residents happy with a WASH laundry room!


To learn more about our services, visit washlaundry.com.