With States like California, Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas facing severe drought, it is more important than ever before to reduce water usage.


At WASH, we are doing our part to save water. Our common-area multifamily laundry rooms are proven to conserve water. A national study revealed residents of apartments with in-unit laundry facilities used more than three times as much water for laundry than residents in apartments using on premise common-area laundry facilities. And, if property owners are considering retrofitting for in-unit laundry hookups, we are advising against it.


Also, as an ENERGY STAR partner, we are committed to conservation. That’s why we outfit our laundry rooms with high-efficiency machines that are specially designed to reduce water usage. In fact, it is estimated that if you replaced 20 conventional commercial washers with ENERGY STAR qualified units, each year you could save approximately 69,496 thousand gallons of water.

That’s more than just a drop in the bucket!


Plus, our state-of-the-art plant recycles all of its test water.


Together we can make a difference.