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Here is what our clients are saying about working with WASH:
WASH is, and will be, my laundry service company of choice for two simple reasons: First, they have always exhibited a high level of integrity in their dealings with us at every level. They have demonstrated their sincere desire to work for our mutual benefit, rather than just their own. Secondly, WASH understands the concept of earning and keeping the business by providing solid customer service and keeping their promises. Based on my experience, some others in their industry seem not to understand the importance of these attributes.

- William W. Brooks CPM, Senior Vice-President, Sequoia Equities

I’ve been a happy client for many years and have always appreciated WASH’s timely responses to all issues. Not having to focus any attention to my laundry rooms except for depositing the checks works great for me!

- Kyle Kazan, Principal/Beach Front Property Management, Inc

I just think WASH's services are phenomenal! I'm so pleased with the service!  Dealing with WASH has just made it SO much easier to do my job! There's no run-around... and the fact that I don't get calls from my managers with complaints means I don't have that extra stress in my job.

- Nicole Fisher, General Manager, Gardner Properties