If you’re unhappy with your current laundry room operations, consider switching to WASH. Multifamily property owners and managers have been trusting WASH with expert management of their laundry rooms since 1947. With a first-time fix rate of 95%, we ensure that your commercial washers and dryers are always ready to meet the busy demands of your apartment or multifamily complex.


WASH offers a choice of coin-operated, card, and mobile payment systems, and commercial clothes washers and dryers from Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool, equipping your laundry room with top-of-the-line laundry machines. And, with the option of new or WASH-certified used laundry equipment, eco-friendly front- and top-load washers, and heavy-capacity dryers, WASH provides a variety of appliances to fit your property’s specific needs. Plus, our laundry room leases can be tailored to meet your revenue goals, with a variety of profit-sharing arrangements and flexible terms.


When your laundry room contract comes up for renewal, we want WASH to be your laundry company of choice. Contact us for a laundry room facility management quote or more information on our laundry services.

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