Clean clothes are a necessity, but sometimes in a rush to get the chore done and have clean laundry, we forget the basics. Remember these tips to make laundry easier and keep your clothes looking better for longer:


  • Be sure to read labels. You may be surprised to find that many items have special washing instructions.
  • Sort laundry into piles of whites, lights, darks, brights and delicates. You also may want to keep lint-generators (sweatshirts, towels, flannel fabrics) away from lint attractors (nylon blouses, microfibers).
  • Check clothing for stains and pockets for any items you’ve forgotten.
  • To avoid snagging, check and secure zippers, buttons, snaps and buckles. Also, unroll cuffs on shirts or pants, and tie drawstrings.
  • Avoid overloading machines. It’s best to never fill the tub more than ¾ full. When putting clothes into the washer, don’t pack them inside the tub.
  • Don’t oversoap. Only 1/4 cup of detergent is needed for most front-load washers. If you use too much soap, your clothes won’t get as clean and may remain wet at the end of the cycle.
  • Clean the lint trap in the dryer before you start drying. A full lint trap can lead to poor dryer performance and your clothes still may be damp even when the cycle is complete.
  • When the dryer stops, remove clothes promptly and fold or hang to avoid wrinkles.