WASH Will Buy Your Old Commercial Washers and Dryers   Need a quick influx of cash? Consider selling your old commercial laundry equipment and leasing or renting instead. We'll pay you top dollar for your used washers and dryers. In their place, we'll install quality, brand-name industrial laundry equipment from WASH, and you can still control the collections yourself if you choose. This is a great, affordable alternative to owning your own washers and dryers without a big capital investment. You can still maintain control of your laundry room revenue, but we'll handle all the hassles.   WASH Sales   If you're thinking of owning your own laundry equipment, you can now get washers and dryers directly from WASH. You can buy or rent  top-quality, industrial-strength, Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool machines at factory-direct pricing through WASH Sales.   When you purchase washers and dryers from WASH, you can choose from our vast inventory of brands. You also have a choice to service the machines and handle collections yourself or contract with WASH.   Contact us for a quote.