1947: WASH (at the time Web Service Company) was founded with one employee and 50 Westinghouse automatic washing machines.
1953: Web incorporates.
1967: First and second branch offices open.
1969: New corporate headquarters in Redondo Beach, CA.
1991: First card system installed at a college location.
1996: First company website.
1997: First front-load washers installed.
Present: 1,100 employees, 70,000 locations, a fleet of 700 vehicles and 2 billion quarters collected annually.


WASH History

Formerly known as Web Service Company, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems has been in continuous operations since 1947. The company was founded as a young couple’s dream to provide affordable laundry services to apartment dwellers in fast-growing, post-WWII Los Angeles. In 2011, Web Service Company became WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems. Today, with 31 branch offices across the U.S. and Canada, WASH has 70,000 locations, and more than 7 million people do their laundry in a WASH laundry room every week.


Still a privately owned business, WASH embraces its legacy as a family-friendly organization with a culture and dedication to service excellence. However, we also set the pace with the changing times. We’ve pioneered new advances in laundry room technology, found ways to modernize our systems, make the work of our employees infinitely easier and ultimately improve even more on serving our customers’ needs.